Neuromentis®+Vitamin D3 10 000 IU

Neuromentis®+Vitamin D3 10 000 IU

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Set: 1 bottle of Neuromentis ® (60 capsules) + 1 bottle of Vitamin D3 10,000 IU (200 capsules)


Neuromentis® is an innovative dietary supplement with a unique composition. It contains ingredients supporting brain energy and neurotransmission processes.

Neuromentis® is an additional component of the diet and is a perfect complement to the therapy

Depression, mental fog, and chronic fatigue do not occur without a reason, and they are the symptoms of many diseases, including MS. The etiology of all diseases is not fully known, but we already know enough about processes which are taking place in the brain.

If you are starting to feel mental reluctance to take any actions, it is worth starting supplementation with Neuromentis®.


Vitamin D3 is an additional complement to vitamin protocols. Its comprehensive action on most cells in the body has been known relatively recently.

Vitamin D3 deficiencies can contribute to many dysfunctions in the proper functioning of most systems in the human body. Many years of research on vitamin D3 supplementation is conducted by the neurologist Cicero Coimbra with outstanding results and many other doctors or scientists, finding the causes of MS also in the absence of its adequate level in the body. A diet low in vitamin D3 can lead to a wide spectrum of deficits having a direct impact, among others on muscle function, their strength or the ability to maintain a vertical, correct posture. We made sure that our vitamin D3 was of the best quality and the capsule of the smallest possible size because swallowing problems are not alien to us either. More information can be found in the product description.


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